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We also provide manpower

to the local hospital

and the cholera clinic.


The Haitian

inland landscape.


Haiti volunteer lodging.


Lodging's perimeter



Dr. Forgey attending

to a young patient.


Volunteers attending to a woman's leg laceration.


Dr. Forgey talks with children.




Don't forget Haiti


 If you are interested in serving the wonderful people of Haiti,

we have the perfect opportunity for you.



Medical Student Mission’s main goal is to provide the people of Verrettes

(a small town in Haiti three hours away from Port-au-Prince),

with quality medical care as an adjunct to the local hospital.


Medical Student Missions volunteers.

Currently, our organization makes monthly trips to Verrettes,

in order to hold mobile clinics that give the Haitian people

an opportunity to receive healthcare.


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Protecting volunteers, responding to natural disasters,

promoting global health.


Learning Through Service


Our project provides an opportunity for service.

We do not believe in using religion or political motives

as a premise for providing care.


We are secular.

We take persons from all religious and political backgrounds.


We need volunteers to assist us with our medical mission.

We need non-medical people to make our work successful.


Non medical volunteers help with fitting eyeglasses,

providing water to long lines of patients,

and helping run our mobile field clinics in many ways.


We also need medical volunteers.

We can use nurses, doctors, medical and dental students,

as well as pre-dental and pre-medical students.


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From the above Home page you can navigate to:


Our Mission and History

Volunteer Information

Physician Information

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Travel Information

Founders and Members

Many photo albums of Haitian life and

volunteers providing medical treatment.


Long lines of Haitians form where water is handed out.


We are www.medicalstudentmissions.org  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our rural mobile clinics are held under the auspices of the department of health of Haiti (Department of Population and Sanitation). We have Haitian public health department nurses work with us in all of our clinics.


Our Medical Director is William W. Forgey, MD.


Dr. Forgey is currently on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Medical Assistance for Travelers (IAMAT), Toronto.

He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He serves as the Medical Director of the Community Health Department of St. Mary Medical Center, Hobart, Indiana, and he practices Family and Travel Medicine in Merrillville, Indiana.


Note: The above is only a partial listing of Dr. Forgey's biography.

    Click here for his complete biography


Young Haitian boy walks his goat.


Woman and child waiting to see a medical volunteer.